What is Career Readiness?

Get Ready! Get Set! Get Career Ready GO!

There are several definitions on what career readiness involves. Some people see it as learning skills in a specific area or industry while others define it on a broader spectrum to include workplace and employment/job training. Career readiness is a mixture of all these and more. Here at JenniferRpriest.org, we consider all the aspects of career readiness plus focus on preparing an individual for the workplace beginning from the inside and working to the outside.


Career Readiness Defined:

Dictionary.com defines Career as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress; while Readiness is defined as a willingness to do something or the state of being fully prepared for something.

In a nutshell we at JenniferRpriest.org define Career Readiness as learning methods to progressively improve your life by attaining capabilities necessary to strategically plan a career and take action towards achieving a goal.

Career Readiness as an ongoing process of thinking about your interests (passions), what you are capable of doing and what you love to do and working a plan that will help you operate in those interests. Many people go through life just doing work they don’t like and get stuck there without ever progressing into a career that is meaningful and fulfilling.  While getting career ready you explore your life passions, gifts and talents and find options available to you to use those skills. So even when you have reached a level of success you must be willing to continuously fine-tune the plans for your life so that you are able to walk out your God-given purpose.

Career Readiness helps you to succeed by:

  • Changing your mindset
  • Discovering Your Potential
  • Increasing Your Knowledge
  • Obtaining the right tools
  • Building Your Confidence and
  • Helping you take action towards building a career you love!

Who can benefit from Career Readiness Coaching?

Everyone! No matter your career level.  Career Readiness is beneficial especially from the perspective of working from the inside out. You don’t have to already be a professional to take advantage of the tools available on this site. It is for people who are just starting their careers, people who are well into their careers, people transitioning careers and people who have wondered this; “There must be more to my life than this?”.  However, there are a few pre-requisites for being here.  You must be committed, a dreamer, a hard worker, and an action taker with a desire to build a successful career. Once you embrace what it takes to become successful, you also realize that you are Purposed for Success!

DREAM                COMMIT                       PLAN                    PURSUE

About the site:

This website and the tools that are available are designed to show you ways to capitalize on your potential through different resources like coaching/training programs, live workshops, online seminars, blog articles and so much more.   As the site continues to grow, more specific resources will become available to you. The primary goal is for you to see yourself differently and successful as you discover what you really want to do in the workforce. Working for the inside out conditions us to become better career minded business owners and employees. We must first discover our greatness before we can help others become great. Your success begins with you and how you view yourself, your aspirations dreams and passions. Establishing yourself as a winner instantly makes you more marketable to hiring managers and prospective employers. So what’s the key to being successful? It’s commitment and position:  Commit to wanting to make a change in your life and position yourself with discovering the resources to help you make that change.

Topics you will see:

  • Resume Writing
  • Employment Preparedness
  • Career Transitioning
  • Job Search Skills
  • Professional Growth Recommendations and so much more!

Expecting great things for you!


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