Value Yourself!

Suggestions that will keep you from doubting your value

One key factor in professional growth today is knowing your value. Today’s society has painted a picture of what the ideal successful person should look like, dress like and act like. Leaving those who don’t look, dress or act like what is portrayed wondering where they fit in. As a result, people are trying to live this false perception of what is considered expectable or right in someone else’s mind when in reality it’s not about what they think you should be but about who you really are.

In some of my earlier posts I share how my defeated mind-set and low self-worth kept me from having the confidence to actively go forth with my business ideas. A person can easily fall into this mind-set when they don’t truly know their value. One thing that could hinder your growth as you seek a better career or entrepreneurship is feeling like what you have to offer in not enough. If you are feeling this way—STOP–find a mirror and say “I’m more than enough! I have what it takes to reach my goals and to become successful!” (Repeat daily as needed).

Let me ask you, “Is how you value yourself keeping you complacent?” I personally had to work through this so I know how much of a stumbling block it can be especially when you have a vision. It’s like pulling a 50lb- weight, you’re barely moving and getting nowhere fast. I’ve learned that my individuality is what makes me unique and to accept who I am with no reservations.

Here are some suggestions I would like to pass on to you when you start doubting your value:

  • Everyone has value and so do you! You are fearfully and wonderfully made and born with purpose.
  • Never compare yourself (gifts, talents and abilities) to other people. Although what you do may be similar to what someone else is doing, it’s not the same. What you do or how you do it is uniquely YOU!
  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes and keep moving forward. Unforgiveness has a way of slowing down progress. Whether you need to forgive yourself or someone else, do it. Don’t let unforgiveness hold you back.
  • Don’t underestimate your capabilities. You have the potential to do anything you want to do. Discover your potential and pursue the work you love.
  • Love who God made you to be. Should I say more…Drop the Mic!

Sometimes changing the way we view ourselves will also change how we value ourselves. Don’t let the world system dictate your value, or better yet, don’t let a defeated mind set keep you from realizing your value. Nurture your vision and successfully grow in your career or as a business owner.

If you are feeling a little devalued, I encourage you to use the suggestions above as tools to keep you focused and to build your confidence. Value yourself and your abilities and never doubt what you are capable to being or becoming.



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