5 Indications That You Are In A Purposed-Filled Career

Do work that you were intended to do

Last week I asked if you had a career or a job. If your choice was a career, let me ask you–Is it a purposed-filled career?

As defined in the chart included in last week’s post (click here to review that chart again), in a nutshell a career is the pursuit of a lifelong ambition (passion) towards progression of a lifelong goal (purpose). Having a purpose-filled career is no more than working an occupation that you were intended to do in life. Not only do you use your gifts, abilities, and talents you were born with but you also operate in this career daily. You know you are where you need to be and want to be because you absolutely love being there (LOL…a lot of B’s).

Here are some indications that the career you are in is a purposed-filled career:

  1. You no longer feel like you should be doing something else.
  2. You are doing what you are passionate about.
  3. You have found a solution to a problem that needed to be solved.
  4. You are motivated and full of energy towards accomplishing your goals.
  5. You have determined what activities, places, and people provide this fulfillment and inspiration in your life.

We all have something that is intended for us to do as a lifelong goal. Why not focus in on making it a more definite one. I’m not putting down working a job. I’ve worked one for over 17 years and it has supported me and my family but I’ve always known there was something more I was meant to do and now I’m doing it. Still on the journey but progressively moving towards that lifelong goal of motivating and encouraging others to discover their purposed-filled careers.

Have you found your purposed-filled career? If so, please feel free to reply or leave a comment. Tell me how you knew you had found your purposed-filled career.

Expecting great things for you!


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